Are West London Escorts Aliens

Why Are West London Escorts regarded as Aliens

On a recent trip to Las Vegas I came across an interesting article in the local press. The headline read “Are west London escorts aliens?”. Well, I do know the area around Las Vegas is surrounded by myths of alien visitations, and strange events but honestly, do the locals think that west London escorts are aliens? I suppose it could only happen in America.

Are west london escorts aliens
Are West London escorts an alien species

Las Vegas is full of West London escorts dreaming to be show girls, the girls work hard to get on top and in every phone booth you go into there are several hundred small business cards for escorts services. The most surprising escorts card I cam across was a little card with a UFO on it. Does this mean that this escorts service is an alien escorts service? It really makes you wonder.

West London escorts are out of this world

Out of this world escorts is a service which operates out of Las Vegas. You will find their card in telephone booths, posted under hotel room doors and literally all over the place. The card feature a UFO above a pretty girl’s head, and I do wonder if the girls who work for this escorts service are indeed aliens.

The girls are unusually pretty even for escorts, and they seem to be able to wander it and out of hotels in Las Vegas without any problems at all. Most hotels in Las Vegas have a very strict policy when it comes to escorts, and the majority point out that this is a service which is not allowed. But yet, there seem to be girls from out of this world everywhere! How can this be, are they aliens and do they operate under some sort of special license.

As many of you may know there is a place just outside Las Vegas called Area 51 which is rumoured to house crash landed UFOs. If this is true, could it be that the US government are using extra terrestrial escorts to raise funds for their secret research programs?

The average Las Vegas based escort gets paid about $250 per hour. That means that ten girls for one hour would raise about $2,500 for American black ops. If you multiply that by ten you will arrive at the figure of $25,000. When you stop and think about that, it isn’t really a bad amount of money for a day’s work. It is certainly a good way to fund a black op’s budget.

The locals in Las Vegas have for a very long time been fascinated with all the going ons at Area 51, and other parts of the desert. Is it just a secret airforce base, or is it something much more than that. Could it be that the US government are in fact sponsoring the entire operation, and alien escorts are operating out of Area 51. It is an interesting query to ponder and I wonder if it can be found in the President’s little black book.

It is an interesting thought, and it would certainly be a very resourceful way to raise money for the American government. It highlights the fact how easy it is to hideaway extraterrestrial aliens right underneath are noses. Where are the Men in Black when you need them?

Thongs – are they in or out?

It is frustrating but underwear fashion changes so quickly these days. I don’t understand how something can be in one minute and out the next. At the moment it seems like thongs are out, and walking around our local street markets I cannot find any thongs. That being said, I am pretty sure that fashion will change once again and things will be back in.

West London escorts
Sexy West London escorts in thongs

A couple of my west London escorts friends and I met up for coffee last week, and we had a little chat about underwear fashion. A lot of west London escorts like to wear thongs as they can both be stylish and they also allow for easy access. You may not think that a bunch of rather smart women like to sit down and chat about underwear but we often do. Thongs were on top of the agenda at our coffee morning, and we discovered to our shock and horror that a lot of people don’t like them. It seems that a lot of American escorts never wear thongs, and go for rather generously sized knickers instead.

Advantages of thongs

Escorts working in west London do seem to like thongs. They are easy to wash and dry off in next to no time – this is important when you live in the UK as the weather is not that great.

Thongs are also great in the summer. They are hardly noticeable under a skirt or a pair of jeans, and they do keep your fanny that little bit cooler. I always wear things in the summer under my shorts or skirts, but I do know that most of my American friends do not. They associate thongs with cheap and nasty but I never wear cheap and nasty thongs. There are many companies out there that manufacturer high quality thongs – that kind of thongs that most escorts wear.

Fashion and thongs

To my shock and horror, I have discovered that thongs are rather out this year, and you may struggle to find a decent thing. Why they have actually gone out of fashion I don’t know but there does not seem to be a lot in the shops. Even my favorite underwear store H&M seems to be struggling in the thong department. Bigger knickers seem to be in this year, and I suppose there is going to be a lot of hot, sweaty and sticky ladies out there this year.

Lace hardly seems to be in neither but cotton knickers seem to be making a come back. Does this mean that the Americans have taken over the entire lingerie industry, and expect all west London escorts, including me, to be good girls all of a sudden? It seems a bit strange to me, and perhaps it is about time I started my own line in thongs. Maybe I could call it something like “the smaller the better” or “hang on to your string”?

If, any underwear designers out there happen to read this little piece, I would be grateful if you brought back the thong. You see, the thong makes life for us poor escorts in west London so much easier.